A Divine spark to connect people and catapult dreams

UPSWING Foundation was founded in 2020 by Harmony and Jason Myers as a Colorado-based nonprofit with a vision to connect people and catapult dreams.

We know access to sports, education, and other opportunities is too often limited by barriers such as socioeconomic factors. We also know all kids should have an equal opportunity to experience sports, to learn and grow, to connect with others, and to discover and pursue their dreams.

Our Mission is to develop strong, confident, successful student athletes who are able to give back to their communities in meaningful ways. We can do that by crushing barriers that limit access.

What We Do

Where access to sports and other opportunities are often limited by socioeconomic factors, we work to crush those barriers by:

  • Developing high-quality programming to support athletes, their families and our communities.
  • Creating world-class amateur sports campuses that integrate multiple sports, fields, training, and educational spaces.
  • Ensuring access to programming and facilities through dedicated scholarship and support programs.
  • Partnering with and supporting likeminded organizations to create opportunities for aspiring athletes and our communities.

Our Team

Josh Wilson Headshot

Josh Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

Inspired by the impact of athletics in his own life, Josh leads the overall development of the foundation while raising capital for the development and operation of the UPSWING programs and facilities.

Theodore Gerbick Headshot

Theodore Gerbick
Chief Marketing Officer

Following his passion for helping others and creating opportunities, Theodore leads the development of UPSWING's brand, communications, and outreach activities in the community.

Kristy Detrick Headshot

Vice president of OPERATIONS

With an extensive background in community engagement and nonprofits, Kristy leads all of UPSWING's operations and programming.

Joe Bartoletti Headshot

Joe Bartoletti
Vice president of ProjectS

Building upon his belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, Joe drives and supports the development of financial modeling, processes, and technology for UPSWING's vision.

Kelsey Peterson Headshot

Kelsey Peterson
marketing manager

As a video production specialist and multimedia storyteller who's been to 30+ countries, Kelsey is an empathetic creator working to empower others by leading UPSWING's marketing and storytelling efforts.

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