UPSWING Facilities

Champions and Friends Train Here

UPSWING is actively developing world-class amateur sports facilities that integrate sports, training, and educational spaces.

We create places where connections are made, heroes are witnessed, and dreams are catapulted.

UPCOMING Facilities Include:

  • UPSWING Centennial for Performance, Recovery, and Dance – Summer 2024
  • UPSWING Golf Academy – Target 2025
  • UPSWING Dreamplex in Jefferson County – Target 2026


This is our first dedicated environment to deliver the UPSWING Experience to aspiring athletes in Denver and the surrounding communities.

Located in Centennial, Colorado, and in partnership with prominent experts in architecture, performance training, recovery, and dance, our Centennial facility delivers a truly unique experience for athletes of all levels and backgrounds. 

Registration is now open:


Located in Jefferson County, Colorado, the UPSWING Dreamplex will be unlike anything that has come before it.

From the moment they arrive, visitors will experience a first-of-its-kind environment designed to crush barriers, witness heroes in action, and bring families and community together.

The cutting-edge facility will feature world-class equipment, expert trainers, elite-level event and competition facilities, and dedicated programming designed to support student athletes in sport and academic pursuits.

Open to all, there will be five core areas:

  • Track & Field
  • Gymnastics
  • Performance and Recovery
  • STE(A)M
  • Education and Connection Center

Target Date: 2026

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