Supporting All Athletes

We offer athlete scholarships through partnerships with proven experts to create world-class programs for UPSWING athletes at all levels.

Our performance training program is designed to enhance each athlete’s speed and strength, while our dance program teaches technique and mastery of fundamental skills. To top it all off, we offer all athletes access to our recovery center to ensure athletes have the equipment and support they need to rest and return to peak performance. 

Conducted individually or within groups, our expert trainers and coaches use the latest methods, techniques, and equipment for best possible results.

Performance Training

With a unique approach, performance training addresses specific needs in the athlete’s body in order to achieve their full athletic potential by blending health and performance, allowing athletes to stay healthy while playing any sport and perform at a higher level. Training for all sports, we tackle injury resilience, movement efficiency, explosive performance, and comprehensive health.


Our program ensures the breakdown of unfailing fundamentals necessary to succeed. Dancers acquire refined dance skills as they focus on strength, alignment, injury prevention, power, and flexibility, in a carefully calculated layout. Ranging in difficulty levels and age groups, dance classes range from jazz, hip hop, and ballet to acro, pilates, and college dance prep. Designed for all dancers, athletes will learn technique and mastery of fundamental skills necessary to succeed in any dance team program.


As a part of both our performance training and dance scholarships, athletes will now have access to a state-of-the-art recovery center. We provide access to leading technologies like hydrotherapy and pneumatic compression to expedite muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. Our goal is to help athletes restore their performance, minimize injury downtime, and improve health and wellness, all within the same space as their training.

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