As a part of the UPSWING Experience scholarship, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in unique dance training with our elite partners at SPARK. Their decades of teaching dance at an elite level and studying the science behind all technical skills will provide athletes the technique and mastery of fundamental skills necessary to succeed in any dance team program. In addition, SPARK hopes to instill confidence, enthusiasm, and a sense of community within each dancer.

As a part of this scholarship you’ll also have access to our recovery center that provides leading technologies like hydrotherapy and pneumatic compression to expedite muscle recovery and reduce inflammation — all within the same facility.


Be Consistent | Grow Self-Esteem | Master Technique

SPARK’s mission is to foster excellence, develop strong and consistent dancers, promote self-esteem, understand the mechanics behind the movement, and instill a solid work ethic. They believe in making dance team training accessible to all ages and levels with a primary focus on the technique and mastery of fundamental skills necessary to succeed in any dance team program.

world-class COACHING

UPSWING athletes have access to world-class resources and support. Nicole Kahre and Katie Fear are just two of the many expert coaches at SPARK that dancers will be able to meet and train with.

Nicole Kahre Headshot

Nicole Kahre

Nicole is a renowned dance instructor with a rich and diverse background in the industry. She began her teaching career in 1998 at the nationally acclaimed studio Michelle Latimer Dance Academy, where she has been instrumental in training the pre-pro competitive company. After pursuing a professional dance career in Los Angeles, Nicole garnered significant experience by working with industry-leading choreographers and was featured in a national Mellow Yellow commercial. Her talent and dedication led to high-profile features on billboards and in People Magazine for a dance campaign in 1999. Returning to Colorado, Nicole took on the role of director and choreographer for the Denver Nuggets Dance Team. She has received numerous awards for outstanding choreography. Her passion for teaching and mentoring young dancers has been evident through her work with students who have gone on to perform with top artists such as Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Beyoncé. Many of her students have also showcased their talents on popular platforms like So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and the Grammy Awards. Nicole's impact extends beyond the studio world, as she has also worked with many high school and college dance teams, contributing to multiple 4A & 5A State Champions and top 3 in the nation's pom and dance programs since 2006. Recognizing the need for elevated technical training in the dance team community, Nicole founded Spark Dance Team Training Program in 2015, which has consistently delivered impressive results. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to inspire and nurture talent has solidified her reputation as a leader in the dance education landscape.

Katie Fear Headshot


Katie was brought up in Colorado and developed a deep love and passion for dance while training in the studio and as a member of her high school dance team. She later earned a scholarship as a member of the University of Tennessee dance team, where her team won their first Universal Dance Association National Championship in 2007 in the jazz category. For over a decade, Katie has been a member of the UDA staff, teaching elite, college, and international dance camps. She has an impressive choreography portfolio that includes multiple top 10 high school and college routines for teams across the nation in Jazz, Pom, and Hip Hop dance styles. Some of her routines were even featured on UDA’s ESPN show. Recently, she has choreographed various Middle School, High School, and College national championship routines, including The University of Tennessee 2020 Division 1A pom national championship and Kansas State University Division 1A 2023 DTU Pom National Championship. Currently, Katie is passionate about promoting safe strength and stretch practices for dancers of all ages. She is certified in Progressing Ballet Technique and is currently working towards her mUv method and Pilates certifications.

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