As a part of the UPSWING Experience scholarship, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in weekly athletic performance training with our elite partners at Strength 2 Strength. Performance training is designed for all sports, transforming athletes to achieve peak performance and striving to make them as healthy, strong, and fast as possible.

As a part of this scholarship you’ll also have access to our recovery center that provides leading technologies like hydrotherapy and pneumatic compression to expedite muscle recovery and reduce inflammation — all within the same facility.


Healthy | Strong | Fast

Strength 2 Strength (S2S) offers a unique approach that tackles injury resilience, movement efficiency, explosive performance, and comprehensive health, training any athlete in any sport. S2S has created a system that addresses compensation — dealing with the pain and tightness that athletes get when it comes to the stressors of sport so they can maintain a robust body and continue playing at a high level. They do this through efficient sprint technique, agility, and executed lifts so athletes can perform at a level they never thought possible while also maintaining a healthy body.

world-class COACHING

UPSWING athletes have access to world-class resources and support. Tommy Flanagan and Gavin Class are just two of the many expert coaches at Strength 2 Strength that athletes will be able to meet and train with.

Tommy Flanagan Headshot

Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan founded S2S in 2016 with the goal of teaching and training athletes to excel at movement, balance, explosion, speed, power and strength. His mission: Transform athletes' bodies and minds so they can reach their reach full potential. Tommy was a stand-out athlete at both the high school and collegiate levels, earning numerous awards playing high school football, including All-State, All-Colorado and League MVP. At the college level he gained All-America status.


Gavin serves as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to all athletes at Strength 2 Strength. He played football at Towson University and then went to train primarily high school lacrosse athletes under Jay Dyer. After almost 3 years with the Teams’ USA Lacrosse Strength Coach, he pursued training at the collegiate level completing an internship with the University of Southern California’s Strength and Conditioning program. Gavin then went on to solely train the Men’s Basketball team at the University of Tennessee Martin as a graduate assistant before coming to S2S. Gavin holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, his CSCS and USAW, and a master’s degree.


Our scholarship program is designed to support underserved youth athletes across various sports in the mile-high training grounds of Colorado. Check out some of our incredible athletes and learn more about their stories.

Mouhamed Headshot


An extraordinary teen basketball player from Senegal, Africa, Mouhamed left behind everything he knows to pursue his dream of going pro.

Olivia Headshot


Trying to get out of her own head, Liv is grateful for the high performance training and support she receives through UPSWING’s Experience Scholarship program.

Jaidyn Headshot


As an UPSWING Experience Scholarship athlete, Jaidyn is able to use sports as an outlet to help with finding purpose through adversity.

Hunter Headshot


Phenomenal teen basketball player, Hunter is training through UPSWING to pursue his dreams of going pro. He works hard daily to progress his athletic abilities.

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