Olivia Gets Out of Her Head with High Performance Training

Trying to get out of her own head, Liv is grateful for the high performance training and support she receives through UPSWING's Experience Scholarship program.

Olivia, who goes by Liv, is an athlete on an elite track & field club that competes across the nation called Steadfast Track Academy. Started as a result of COVID by master trainer and coach Markus Miller, he says Liv is a joy to coach because she works hard and absorbs everything.

Performance and track coach Julee Haley, says Liv’s growth is incredible and she loves helping boost Liv’s confidence. “In this day and age sports are so intense and everybody needs a private coach outside of the coaching they’re already getting,” Julee said. That’s where UPSWING comes in, to help the kids who don’t otherwise get the opportunity to participate in this level of training.

Olivia Facts

As an Athlete Experience Scholarship recipient, Liv is grateful for the opportunity to up her game and hopes to get a D1 scholarship to run track in college. “They [UPSWING] talk you through your goals and they definitely want what’s best for you,” Liv said. “I just appreciate it so much.”

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