Hunter Trains Through UPSWING to Pursue Dreams of Going Pro

Phenomenal teen basketball player, Hunter is training through UPSWING to pursue his dreams of going pro. He works hard daily to progress his athletic abilities.

Playing basketball from a young age, Hunter likes to tell people that his first word was, “ball.” From Tacoma, WA, Hunter was playing 1A high school basketball back home, and he wanted to play high competition year-round to help him prepare for college ball with a dream to eventually go pro.

He loves playing with his Accelerated Prep teammates who are from all over the world, bringing together “the best kids at basketball from all around,” he said.

Together they practice, attend school, travel all over the country for weekend tournaments, and train together at Kula Sports Performance with UPSWING’s help.

Hunter Carter dreams

“It’s really just helping us to fulfill our dreams,” Hunter said.

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