Welcome UPSWING’s 2024 Scholarship Athletes

We welcomed our 2024 scholarship athletes with UPSWING swag, homemade cookies, and certificates to mark their achievements! And did we mention cookies?

The UPSWING Experience Scholarship is designed to create opportunities for determined athletes with high-potential by providing access to top-tier programs. Crushing the barrier of access, UPSWING support helps motivated athletes to pursue their dreams.

Welcoming UPSWING athletes to the new season, they received their personal swag bags filled with athletic goodies, from water bottles and bags to dri-FIT tees and Nike shoes.

They were able to sign their certificates acknowledging that as an aspiring athlete they are awarded the opportunity to challenge themselves to aspire to greatness through determination, focus, and hard work — supported by the expertise, training, and guidance of the UPSWING team and community.

UPSWING athlete trying on shoes

Another year of connecting people and catapulting dreams starts now! 

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