Chloe is Putting Her Health First With Support from UPSWING

After a bad ankle sprain during basketball season, Chloe is learning the importance of recovery and putting her health first.

As an UPSWING Experience Scholarship recipient, Chloe attends Denver Sports Recovery in an effort to not only recover from her ankle injury, but prevent future injuries by maintaining the health and strength of her mind and body.

From hot and cold tubs to high-tech boots, Denver Sports Recovery has a number of resources athletes can use to help protect their health.

“Recovery can make your injuries heal faster so you can get back on the court or field,” Chloe said.

Chloe shooting

With dreams of going pro or becoming a basketball coach, Chloe wants to help all the kids that are younger than her and give them a chance to succeed.

To other kids who are thinking about getting involved with UPSWING, Chloe says, “I would tell them it’s a great opportunity and it can really impact your life.”

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