As a part of the UPSWING Experience scholarship, you’ll have access to UPSWING Centennial’s new Recovery Center, equipped with a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art recovery tools designed to enhance athletic performance and well-being. From hot and cold plunge pools that improve muscle flexibility and reduce soreness to advanced infrared saunas that promote relaxation and healing, young athletes will be able to access the best in recovery technology. Our Hyperice tools, including dynamic leg compression and massage devices, enhance circulation and reduce muscle tension, while our Perfect Chair Pro and professional massage tables provide optimal support for spinal health and muscle recovery. These cutting-edge resources ensure young athletes can recover efficiently, learn to use professional-level equipment, and maintain peak physical condition.


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UPSWING Centennial’s Recovery Center is designed to provide young athletes with access to professional-level athletic recovery equipment, tools, and guidance, to enhance performance and overall well-being. By incorporating advanced recovery solutions and education, athletes can learn to enhance their overall performance, recover properly, and maintain peak physical condition.

State-of-the-Art Recovery Tools

UPSWING Centennial’s Recovery Center includes:

Hot Plunge Pool

The Hot Plunge Pool is essential for increasing blood flow, loosening muscles, and improving flexibility. The warmth of the water helps relax muscles, speeding up the healing process, and ensuring more productive workouts with reduced muscle strain. Benefits: enhanced blood circulation, improved muscle flexibility, and accelerated muscle relaxation and healing.

Cold Plunge Pool

The Cold Plunge Pool aids in reducing muscle damage, inflammation, and soreness. The cold water constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow and numbing nerve endings, which aids in faster recovery. Benefits: reduced inflammation and soreness, minimized muscle damage, and faster recovery times.

Sunlighten mPulse Discover Saunas

Our saunas offer a comprehensive wellness toolkit through infrared technology. They provide customizable health programs that adapt to changing needs, promoting relaxation, healing, and energy restoration. Benefits: enhanced skin health and collagen production, reduced inflammation and pain relief, and overall well-being improvement with customizable infrared therapy.

Normatech 3 Leg Compression

Utilizing dynamic air compression technology, these tools provide restorative massages that increase circulation, revive muscles, and reduce swelling. Benefits: faster recovery and reduced muscle swelling, enhanced circulation and muscle revival, and precision treatment with adjustable compression levels.


This massage gun speeds up recovery by increasing blood flow and reducing lactic acid buildup, alleviating muscle soreness, and improving flexibility. Benefits: increased blood flow and reduced soreness, enhanced flexibility and range of motion, and stress reduction and injury prevention.


Combining foam rolling with vibration technology, the Vyper enhances muscle recovery and flexibility, improving blood flow and reducing muscle stiffness. Benefits: accelerated recovery and improved flexibility, enhanced blood flow and reduced stiffness, and deep muscle activation and quicker warm-up times.


A compact tool that merges traditional ball rolling with vibration technology for deep tissue massage, trigger point release, and muscle recovery. Benefits: targeted muscle tension relief, increased blood flow and reduced inflammation, and faster recovery and improved mobility.

Perfect Chair Pro

This chair offers zero gravity ergonomics, independently adjustable recline angle, and leg elevation, promoting spinal relaxation, improved blood flow, and deeper breathing. Benefits: spinal decompression and relaxation, improved blood flow and reduced swelling, and enhanced lung capacity for better breathing.

Professional Massage Tables

Our massage tables feature double-layer foam for maximum comfort and support, with high load-bearing capacity and adjustable height. Benefits: reduced muscle tension and stiffness, enhanced relaxation and range of motion, and decreased soreness and improved athletic performance.


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